Amy Bates

I have worked with Kenya Dunn as my executive coach for nearly two years now. During that time, she has provided invaluable insights and outside perspective to my career journey. During our initial intake session, she took the time to understand what I was looking for in a coach and developed a plan to broaden my skillset and be poised for opportunities. She is detailed and thorough in her review, she is an excellent listener, and as challenges arise, she consistently pushes me to lead through them.

I have worked with mentors in the past, who have shared their experiences and advice. However, with Kenya as my coach, she asks me thought-provoking questions to help me make important decisions and take action. She shares inspiring and informative content that ensures continual learning even outside our dedicated sessions.

When presented with the opportunity to lead for the first time, I felt confident in my ability to do so because of Kenya. During my short tenure as a director, my own leadership team has remarked on my process and how well I have adapted and grown my capabilities. I truly believe I have this opportunity to not only lead but advance my own career thanks to Kenya.

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