Kenya Dunn brings 20 years of experience as a leader, trainer, and facilitator to this assignment. She is an expert in culture transformation, leadership development, change management, conflict resolution and strategic planning. She approaches development from a foundation of the “Results Cone” theory.

Leadership & Team Development

The Results Cone theory states that the key to getting new or different results from a person or group of people is to create new insight. Insight is created through activities designed to cause the participant to think, question, or ponder.

The Role of a Leadership Coach

The role of a leadership/executive coach is to help leaders:

  • Gain self-awareness
  • Clarify goals
  • Achieve development objectives
  • Unlock their potential
  • Act as a sounding board

What is Leadership Development Coaching?

Leadership Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

In addition to focusing on interests and skills needed to succeed at work, PFW’s coaching approach aims to help individuals align their behaviors with personal aspirations, life philosophies and motives.

We coach with compassion, mindfulness, and integrity.

Team Development

All teams move through the stages of a team at their own pace. There are several factors that determine how quickly or slowly team cohesiveness matures. Team development activities create the atmosphere to help teams:

  • Build rapport with a foundation of acceptance
  • Share ideas, collaborate effectively, and make the right decisions
  • Challenge each other in a healthy way
  • Work together successfully to meet complex business challenges
  • Create reasons to celebrate

Our team development offerings are customized to the needs of our clients. However, we do offer the following standard suite of services.

  • New Leader Assimilation –for new team leaders- this session is designed to assist new leaders during their transition into leading their new team.
  • Leadership Learning Circles –for groups of leaders in the same organization- a formal way for leaders to come together to discuss topics/issues. Learning Circles involve reading books or other materials on leadership and business.
  • Team Agreement Design –for teams at any stage in their development- the team will work together to ensure the organization or department’s success by developing a set of agreements that will guide each team member’s actions and behaviors.
  • Principles of Inclusive Leadership –for all leaders – provides a toolbox of skills for effectively and efficiently leading as inclusive leaders.
  • Equity- Centered Leadership –for all leaders- this session is designed to test leaders’ abilities to make equity centered business decisions. This is an immersion session based on actual business needs of the client.
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