One of the most difficult challenges leaders’ faces is culture transformation. Culture transformation is defined as the collective shifting of individual behaviors to support a shared goal.

Culture Transformation

We believe that the key to transforming cultures consist of transforming the hearts, minds, and skills of individuals within a team, department, or organization.

Our culture transformation framework is designed to assist our clients in accomplishing three milestones.

  • Assess the Current Culture- through interviews, focus groups, surveys and executive one on one interviews we determine how most of the organization perceives the company’s culture. This work helps us to establish a baseline for the rest of the work.
  • Define the Desired Culture- we take key decisions makers through the process of identify organizational goals and objectives. This work helps the client be clear about what they are trying to accomplish as well as what culture is needed to achieve their goals.
  • Culture Change team Preparedness- we assist the client in identifying change champions, development and training needs of the leadership team and an incentive strategy.
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