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About Kenya

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Kenya Dunn is an experienced executive, coach and entrepreneur. Kenya brings her 20 year track record of transforming cultures, activating large groups of people to accomplish complex goals, and her gifted ability towards leadership development to her work with organizations large and small.

Our Vision

To be known for our creative approach to accelerating the growth and development of people and businesses around the world.

Our Mission

We believe that every person deserves their greatest chance for success. The work we do will uncover the power that lies within each of us to transform our lives, our businesses and the world. We help our clients create a pathway to success on their own terms.

Our Core Values

The PFW Coaching and Consulting (Power-Filled Woman, LLC)  is a full-service coaching, training and consulting firm for businesses and individuals.  Our coaching services are personalized based on the needs of the client. We operate on the basis that the customer’s needs are the highest priority. We operate with a high level of integrity.  We help our clients get clear about the why, the how, and the what. Our offerings include, masterclass training for individuals seeking to advance or reinvent their careers, personal development coaching, as well as business consulting and coaching.  Whether you are looking for a facilitator for your next strategic planning session, specific leadership training for the leaders in your organization, or you need assistance with identifying and creating a plan to close gaps or accelerate business growth, PFW Coaching and Consulting can help.


I have worked with Kenya Dunn as my executive coach for nearly two years now. During that time, she has provided invaluable insights and outside perspective to my career journey. During our initial intake

Amy Bates, Director of Client Services, Springbuk

Kenya’s approach to executive coaching is unparalleled. She meets clients where they are in their career journey and engages them with a professional, customized plan, helping develop and sustain measurable outcomes. With experience working

Emily Reynolds, Principal, Mercer